KIM + LYN This one is great for sooooo many things. Make-up, Jewellery and Cosmetics being the obvious ones, but they also look great on a work desk holding smaller items that usually look untidy. These are also great for salons holding items such as tints, cotton disks etc.


These are also stackable and we have a range of different options throughout the shop


  • The two drawers of the organiser hold everything from cosmetics to jewellery; the box itself can support various items for better organisation
  • The storage box is stackable and therefore particularly flexible and versatile; stacked, the boxes can offer as much space as a small drawer cabinet
  • The storage drawers are a practical accessory, thanks to their clear look, anyone can have a glance at the inside contents
  • Measuring only 16.5 cm x 18.0 cm x 12.5 cm, optimising valuable space anywhere at home or work.
  • The storage box is made of durable plastic; the resistant material stands for stability and is particularly easy to clean

2 Drawer Organiser

SKU: 36360