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This is our best bundle yet with our top products to get you started on your organisational journey.


Folding Board:


Perfect for folding (Shirts, t-shirts, jumpers etc) uniformly with minimal creases. The folding board features an extra large handle for ease of use, and is made of durable acrylic.

The Folding Board comes with simple step-by-step instructions included or simply scan the QR code for a video tutorial.



Big Jobs Little Jobs :


This product is designed to sit in your home and to be used when there is time for a task or a treat to be earned. It’s a way of managing the jobs in a home in a fun way and it’s also full of great tips. Each card also contains a tip or hack to help. 


In short this product is a life saver for homes in helping them stay organised and on-top of all the many job’s within the home. The 54 cards which include “Little Jobs” (small easy tasks that are suitable for children to help with) and “Big Jobs” (the ones no one wants to do but always give the most satisfaction when achieved). 


Brother x Kim & Lyn:


The PT-H108G is the ideal entry-level labelling machine for use around the office or home. Small and compact, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, allowing quick and easy identification of files, personal items, storage boxes, USB flash drives and many other items.


With a choice of 9 font styles, over 170 symbols and 8 decorative frames, simply choose your preferred settings, type and then print your customised label.

The built-in cutter gives a professional clean cut each time, and ensures your labels are cut to the required length.


The P-touch H108G uses standard AAA alkaline batteries to offer you ultimate portability.


The bundle comes supplied with a 12mm black on white tape cassette, 12mm black on clear tape cassette and batteries so you can be up-and-running in seconds.






Bundle Deal

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