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KIM + LYN The most sought after product in our shop! Ideal for making the most of your space, we find uses for these in every room in the house


  • These plastic drawer dividers are ideal for creating space where before there was none, they are versatile and can be used in any drawer in the home
  • The drawer separators are adjustable and can be lengthened to fit most contemperory drawers, it creates spaces of different sizes to fit any kind of items
  • The drawer spacers have a soft layer of padding on either end to prevent scratching and scraping on the drawer, it also prevents the dividers from slipping
  • The drawer partitions are measured at 10.8 cm x 34.6 cm - extendable to 52.7 cm, they can fit into any contemperory drawer in the home and are of a customisable size
  • The drawer dividers are made of a strong, long-lasting plastic that won't bend or break easily.

(Set of 2) Deep Drawer Dividers - Organiser System

SKU: 62330
€21.99 Regular Price
€15.99Sale Price
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