KIM + LYN This one is super versatile......and did we mention they are stackable! We stock these in 3 different sizes and shapes and they all work perfectly together.


  • Multi-Purpose: With this storage container, it becomes easy to bring order to the fridge, kitchen cupboard or pantry; it stores utensils, food, cleaning supplies and more
  • Portable And Clear: The storage boxes are easy to transport thanks to integrated handles; their open design makes it possible to see and extract the contents directly
  • Around The House: You can use them as fridge containers for food storage or as a cupboard organiser for stationery and craft accessories in the office; they are truly versatile
  • Ideal Dimensions: The spacious dimensions of 25.4 cm x 10.2 cm x 12.7 cm make this container a truly versatile organiser box

Stackable storage box with handles (half)

SKU: 63799