KIM + LYN We are big fans of this product, one of our favourite ways to use this is for perfume/aftershave in a bathroom or dressing room (as pictured in our clients house here) Its also great for food storage in presses or a fridge, making everything easy to access with the turning function.


  • CREATES ORDER This rotating plate enables space-saving and clear storage of spices, food, toiletries etc
  • ROTATABLE DESIGN The stored containers are always clearly visible on the turntable. Thanks to the rotatable design, the contents can also be reached in a deep cupboard
  • SMART DESIGN This lazy susan has a stainless steel ball bearing, which ensures a flowing rotating movement. In addition, the bottom is ribbed so that bottles do not fall over
  • COMPACT DIMENSIONS With the dimensions of 9" x 9" x 1.5" the organiser fits easily into a press or can be used out on a table
  • ROBUST MATERIAL Thanks to robust plastic, this organiser is suitable for many functions such as as a shelf in the fridge or even for cosmetics in the bathroom.

Lazy Suzan - The OG

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