KIM + LYN Great for shampoo bars, handsoap and as sponge storage in your kitchen.


  • If there is hardly any space in the shower and bath, this soap storage is the way to go; it can be easily attached anywhere
  • Drilling is not necessary with this soap basket; it has two suction cups and thus adheres on all smooth surfaces such as tiles and glass
  • The bottom holes allow water to drain well and the soap dish holder to dry faster, in order to avoid unwanted bacteria and mildew
  • With a compact size of 13.3 x 10.2 x 5.1 cm, the soap tray with suction cup hardly takes up any space, being an ideal aid in the bath
  • The bathroom soap holder as well as the suction cup are made of durable clear plastic in order to provide extended use in a classic design

Suction Soap Dish

SKU: 19600