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The virtual option is a great cost effective way to avail of our services for smaller projects or for an opportunity to get help with multiple small organisational challenges within your house that you can conquer yourself with the girls virtual assistance.


We will send you a questionnaire to get an idea of your requirements and style. We will also request photos and videos of the space that needs our help on this form.

The package includes:

  • Customised plan of action with step by step instructions

  • A 45 min Zoom or Skype call with Kim & Lyn

  • Shopping list and discount code to use on our site

  • Feedback on your completed project from the girls

  • Free newsletter each month filled with tips tricks and product of the month discount

During the call the girls will:

  • Help you decide on items to keep or donate

  • Recommend the best storage solutions

  • Make some layout suggestions (they love a good re arrange)

  • Help you create systems that work for you and that will continue to work long term


€250 + VAT @23% = €307.50

Payment at point of booking.

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