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We not only organise your chosen spaces, but we also declutter and we ensure you can maintain the process when we are gone. We are here to help and here is how it works:

Step 1 - Enquiry

We will send you a questionnaire to get an idea of your requirements and style. We will initially ask for photos or better yet a video of the spaces you need our help with. Make sure to open and close presses and drawers and feel free to talk us through the space during the video. We also require your eircode/full address.

Step 2 - Set dates and pay your deposit

A 40% deposit is required to secure the dates within 72 hours, unfortunately we will not be able to hold the dates past the 72 hour period. Final payment is due once project is complete.

Step 3: Points to note before Kim & Lyn's arrival!

- Arrival time 10am

- You are getting two experts so the girls get double the work done each day

- Kim + Lyn will take charity donations away (we don't remove general waste/recycling)

- We have a van full of label makers, folding boards, donation bags etc so we will have all the tools required to complete the task in hand

- DO NOT tidy before we arrive, there is no judgement here (we have seen it all)

- We promise you will enjoy the process, we are the professionals but we also like to make it fun


Step 4 - Declutter

Everything from your cup collection to your favourite pair of shoes is taken out, discussed and a decision made to keep, donate or recycle. This is the part of the project that takes the most amount of time but is crucial for us to understand what you need/use and how the space should work going forward. You of course need to be involved in this part but we make the decision making quick, fun and as painless as possible. 

Step 5 - Organisation

​Once the decluttering is complete, it's time for you to put your feet up and Kim & Lyn will work their magic organising everything in a way that suits your lifestyle needs. Our goal is to create a highly functional and clutter free space. We leave you with solid systems in place so you can easily maintain what we create in the months and years to come. Kim & Lyn will share lots of tips and tricks on the day also.

The Investment

We will pop you a quote after the form has been filled out and we can quote based on project. Projects can start from €650 + 13.5% VAT.

We offer 15% off all of our products in store and we will have plenty with us on the day. We suggest allowing between €100 - €200 of a budget for stock but this isn't always necessary and we can work with what you have already. Should you need items like large storage boxes or hangers we can purchase these on your behalf (a fee of €50 is charged for product sourcing/shopping).​​

We cannot wait to bring your dream space to life!

Contact Us About Our Declutter & Organise Package

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