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Kim + Lyn have a huge amount of knowledge of the trials and tribulations involved in moving home (They have all the stories).

With the girls on site they can project manage your move in/out and ensure it is done with care. The girls have years of experience working closely with contractors and tradesmen and can also be your point of contact on site for when you need to be elsewhere. Trust me when we say they are the magic ingredient to this very daunting task.

Initial Site Visit

During our initial site visit we will give you a system to identify what you would like to pack, donate, sell or recycle. We can simply give you the tips and tricks to do it yourself or arrange to do a declutter and organise and pack it all for you.


Imagine this….
The movers deliver all your boxes to the new house and Kim + Lyn are ready and waiting to unpack and sort it all for you. This gives you time to focus on all the other tasks in hand and gallows you the freedom to continue with your day-to-day duties/activities.



The consultation involves a home visit, ideally to both properties if possible. During this visit we can get to know your needs and see just what we are packing/unpacking. This is a very important part of the process as no two jobs are ever the same. We will leave with a better understanding of the old and new space we are working with and have a better idea of the time it will take. We will follow up with suggested packing products, we can also suggest some excellent moving companies who offer a special ‘sorted’ discount to our clients. We will then confirm the final price and amount of time we feel your pack up and/or unpack will take. We recommend contacting us as far in advance as possible as this takes some planning and diary organising on our part to make sure we are available for both the pack and unpack should you require us. We can also book some extra sorting hands for the packing process to make it as quick and painless as possible.


The Investment

Move in projects start at €1200 + VAT @ 13.5%.


Corporate Move

Are you planning a corporate move? Even more reason to book the professionals so you can hit the ground running and keep the business moving and let us manage and focus on the move.

We can project manage your move from A TO B:
Step 1: Assess old office space, pain points for staff members, processes that don't currently work and the processes that do.
Step 2: Pack up and declutter any items ( including paperwork, samples, etc) that are no longer required.
Step 3: Advise on storage systems and layout of new office space. 
Step 4: Unpack in your new space. Set up functional, streamlined systems that will make day to day tasks as simple as possible.

Contact Us About Our Moving In Package

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