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Get Sorted For School (and thank us later!)

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Picture this……. You’ve just done the school drop and not forgotten a thing, the house isn’t like a bomb hit it and you even managed to look like you haven’t just rolled out of bed, and to top it off you are smugly sipping a hot coffee from your keep cup (that usually never see’s the light of day)

Want this smug feeling of having your life together then read on!!

First things first we need to establish if you’re a Kim or a Lyn. We may work together but our methods sometimes are very different – the perfect combo in our opinion.

Are you a Kim? – You most likely have the uniforms ordered since July and just need to get the last bits in August. You also may also be a mother to child similar to Kim's Paige, a 3 year old who had to be lifted out of Lifestyle sports at the weekend kicking and screaming because she couldn’t have the runners she tried on from display that are twice the size of her feet (deep breaths and a nap were required)

Are you a Lyn – Not a thing has been purchased she likes to torture herself by trying to get it all done in one day with the 3 kids in tow but still comes home with shoes a size too small for Archie because you ran out of steam and brain power and completely forgot his size despite his feet being present for the whole day.

See we get it! Between the 2 of us we have experienced it all and want to help. We have put together our game changing tips for Back to School to help you look and feel like you’ve got your sh*t together this September. We always refer to it as the parents January, as we all have those BIG PLANS for when they go back to school.


Preparation is key – take the tasks you know that need to be done and either prepare them the night before or set yourself up for a smoother day with a few simple steps.

Uniform/Clothes Take an hour out of your weekend to make sure the items you need for Monday – Wednesday (at least) are washed and dry. We both love having everything you need easy to grab including underwear and socks. Lyn uses tall drawers for her gang and labels them by day. The contents should contain EVERYTHING they need for that day including after school activities etc.

We love to use these drawers which are readily available in a local store to you

Image One link here

Image Two link here

If you have more hanging space than floor space, check out these:

Image Three link here

Image Four link here

Kim likes to hang hers over the banister ready for the girls to independently get dressed. Pop a swim/kit bag directly under this too or subtly hang it on the front door handle!

See Poppy in action using the drawers here :)

Food – and the million snacks demanded every minute

Organise that fridge…..

It’s a simple one but very effective and one of the biggest time savers. We pop all the lunch box items together and in grab and go containers. That way you can lift it out of the fridge, get what you need and then pop them straight back in ready for the next day.

Breakfast station…..

Depending on the age group, setting up an accessible spot for bowls, spoons, cups and cutlery for the children to either make their own or assist in the breakfast routine is not only a great habit to start but another time saver.

Lunch/snack station…..

Fill a low down press, drawer or even a basket with snacks and lunch time items such as dried food, lunchboxes, water bottles etc. Children of all ages can get involved in the lunch time prep. Even If the little ones are just taking out the boxes and bottles to be filled and leave the sandwich making to the bigger ones. If you have a particularly busy morning ahead, prepping these the day before can be a great help. We always feel super smug going to bed knowing the lunches are made.

Some products from our online shop that will help you on your way:


Coming from the labelling queens this one seems obvious but it’s at this time of year especially that they really are a handy item to have in your home.

We use them to label uniforms, bags, lunch boxes, football boots (EVERYTHING) the school jumper might still go missing in school for 3 months (true story) but at least you know their name is on it and its out of your hands (it turned up hanging on her hook in the classroom)

Some things are out of your control but labelling anything that leaves the house will hopefully mean it comes back!

The biggest tip we can give you is to create new household habits. Yes you will get the moans and groans from the kids but very quickly it will turn into second nature like any healthy habit. Leaving you less stressed and with more time to focus on what matters.

Coats / Shoes / Bags: Stored in one zone. When coming in from school coats and bag are stored on a designated hook. Shoes in designated drawer / basket. No more being half an hour late because one shoe is missing.

Lunch Boxes. After school, lunch boxes and drinks bottles are cleaned out and returned to their spot in the kitchen. In the morning allow the children to help pick and pack their own lunch.

Uniforms: Taking a uniform off when getting home from school can save you time and money yes you read that right. Less wear = Less dirty, needing less washes, and less wear and tear making your uniforms go the extra mile.

Routine and responsibility are great for encouraging young minds, so allowing them to help in the weekly uniform prep and maintenance is great for their confidence and your sanity.

Now let’s get to it. We have 3 weeks to get organised and start creating these new household habits.

P.S. Feel free to tag us in your morning selfies in September with your hot coffee in your keep cup and #mylifesorted

Le Grá

Kim + Lyn

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