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Now we are not about to divulge some of the weird and wonderful items we find in client’s homes (those secrets go to the grave with us) but we do have some secrets we are willing to share in the hope they help you feel a little more sorted!

Switch to the same hangers:

Whether you take a trip to your local shop and buy matching hangers, or you simply remove all those annoying wire hangers this will instantly streamline your wardrobe and make it feel a lot more organised. Sometimes clients don’t want new hangers and we must get creative, so we sort the hangers and choose the style we have the most of and use those to create a seamless look. See the before and after on one of our client's wardrobes below :)

We can’t talk hangers though and not mention our favourites:

Always have a donation bag on the go:

Lyn keeps hers in her hot-press and Kim has hers beside the wash baskets. The trick is the minute you try something on to discover you no longer feel good in it or it doesn’t sit right, don’t put it back to keep repeating this step just pop it straight in the donation bag and when it's full get it straight to your local charity shop.

Look up:

When we are faced with a storage conundrum we tend to look up! Whether it's adding a few hooks or using the out of reach space in a better way (seasonal items for instance) think about your vertical space as there is usually an opportunity to use it better.

Declutter in another room:

If you are about to get your declutter on (may the force be with you) the best advice we have especially if doing it solo is to take it all out and into another room. Let’s use the wardrobe as an example, if you are trying to declutter and doing it next to your wardrobe you will be tempted just to pop it back in.

Also ask a friend.. a brutally honest one to help you out. Who is Kim to your Lyn??

STOP buying containers!!!

When we finish projects for clients we are usually left with a huge number of empty baskets, containers etc. Don’t just buy it because you see it (middle isle issues) if you have something that needs a storage solution, measure up first and then check out our great selection of storage One size certainly does not fit all.

Le grá,

Kim & Lyn

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