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KIM + LYN Big Jobs Little jobs is our newest product which was actually an idea Lyn has been sitting on for a number of years. We cannot wait to get “Big Jobs Little Jobs” into homes everywhere as we know first-hand, it’s simply a game changer.


The box is designed to sit in your home and to be used when there is time for a task or a treat to be earned. It’s a way of managing the jobs in a home in a fun way and it’s also full of great tips. Each card also contains a tip or hack to help. 


In short this product is a life saver for homes in helping them stay organised and on-top of all the many job’s within the home. The 54 cards which include “Little Jobs” (small easy tasks that are suitable for children to help with) and “Big Jobs” (the ones no one wants to do but always give the most satisfaction when achieved). 


Big Jobs Little Jobs is probably the product we are most excited about bringing to the market and we cannot wait for you all to try it.


SKU: 39550EU
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