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KIM + LYN This is a game changer..... its the product you didn't know you needed in your life!  Did we mention its 100% Irish.


Perfect for folding (Shirts, t-shirts, jumpers etc) uniformly with minimal creases. The folding board features an extra large handle for ease of use, and is made of durable acrylic. The Folding Board comes with simple step-by-step instructions included or simply scan the QR code for a video tutorial.


Click here to see it in action.


Our business has sustainability at its core, and we believe that items in your home should only consist of what you use and love and more importantly they should be looked after so they last. Our folding board is a tool designed for folding items uniformly with minimal creases, increasing its life span and keeping wardrobes/drawers organised.


Ideal for retail use - save your staff time and effort in creating the perfect display fold. 


This is our first 100% Irish product and it was made by a wonderful family business in Co Meath!


Space saving

Fold clothes uniformly

Easy to store flat or standing

Perfect for packing

Minimal creases

Perfect for retail

Guaranteed Irish approved product



    Folding Board 2.0

    SKU: fb-asa-1309
    Sales Tax Included
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