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Are You Ready For A Sorted Affair?


These girls are amazing! They revamped my cluttered space in 2 days and turned it into my favourite room in the house. It was such a lovely experience working with Kim, Lyn and Hazel. They owned the project from start to finish and took a huge weight off my shoulders! Highly recommend this dream team :)


Decluttering & Organisational Experts!!!

Kim & Lyn are a blessing! After almost a year in our new home we still had 2 full rooms of unpacked boxes & clutter. I had attempted to get through it myself with my mum and husband on 3 occasions but never really made a dent.

It only took these amazing women a day to declutter and organise everything! They took loads away for charity, put things into their correct places, filled a skip bag, organised my attic eves and gave me 2 more rooms!! And it was so much fun!!! I can’t wait to get them back to do my wardrobe.

I’m so grateful for your help, thank you ladies.


Sarah @ Style swoon

Professionalism,Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

Kim + Lyn came to help me unpack boxes of toys into our new playroom. Having just moved into our new house we had endless boxes of toys to unpack and organize.

Kim + Lyn helped to detox and organise everything into our new playroom, finding and making a space and home for everything.
Toys and games were placed onto shelves, drawers and categorized, grouped and labeled!

The room looks so beautiful. It’s tidy, organised and it functions really well! It’s so easy to find our toys and easy to pack away and tidy up because everything has a home.

Kim + Lyn were amazing and I can’t recommended them enough!


I couldn’t recommend Kim & Lyn in “A Sorted Affair” more. Living in a 2 bed apartment with limited space and storage options and a new baby on the way, I just had no idea where to start with planning the space and optimising storage options. I didn’t even know what I wanted or needed.

Kim & Lyn came to view the apartment and were brimming with ingenious, practical & innovative solutions within minutes. They then came back to do a massive clear out and re-organisation of the space and storage in the space of a day. It felt like a huge weight off my shoulders to see how clear and organised the space was at the end.

They also had lots of storage solutions which they brought with them - for example baskets and see through flexible zip bags to store away out of season clothes. In addition they had lots of ideas and recommendations for new units I could purchase and even ways to improve the aesthetic. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and couldn’t have been nicer. Thank you so much Kim & Lyn!


​When we renovated our home it nearly felt more disorganised ! Kim and Lyn helped me organise our whole kitchen, everything now has it's place and it is a great feeling to open cupboards that are no longer cluttered. I would never of had the time or patience to do the same.


What a pleasure it was to have Kim and Lyn in our home, They did an amazing job on my wardrobes and transformed my spare room. thanks so much ladies, Happy New Year. x


Lyn and Kim done an amazing job!!! My son has a small room and I haven't been able set it up right at all. Lyn took one look and they came up with a perfect and cool plan! Most importantly my son loves it. Thanks ladies

Sinead N

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