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We want your home to work for you!


Space planning is a fundamental element of the design process and insures the functional success of a room. Allow us to help you design the perfect home to suit you and your homes individual needs.

Building or renovating a home is a huge investment and many people find out too late that the dream home doesn't suit their day to day needs. Allow us to look in your wardrobes, pantry, kitchen, storage rooms and make sure that you are reaching the full potential of space available to you.

 Elevate your space and see the full A Sorted Affair effect in 3D by adding on our space planning option to your booking.

What we do..

Understand the day to day needs and function of your home life.

Review builders / archetect drawings

Construct a 3D render of your space allowing you to "feel" the room before you make any expensive commitments.


Help you choose smart storage solutions 





* As each project is completely unique we can only issue full quote upon consultation

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